Nail your message and start attracting a tribe of like-minded customer fans into your business.
Develop the confidence and courage to transform into the rockstar entrepreneur you were born to be! The Enchanted Message Mastery is a proven programme that helps you start building a life and business you LOVE in 90 days. Let's clear away visibility blocks and work your message and marketing. In a few moments, you too could go on this rewarding and profitable journey:
  • Break through visibility fears
  • ​Create a personal and business presence that enchants your audience
  •  Gain confidence in making money with your premium offerings
  • ​Dial in your message and attract customer-fans into your business
  • Move confidently following easy steps every day
  •  Be clear on what you need to be focussing on to create a profitable business
  • Yes, this is possible for you, I've taken my private clients through this process again and again!
More than ever is possible in business today, but almost every industry is saturated. Crafting an authentic and compelling message is an opportunity to create that megawatt shine that has your tribe snap up your offerings faster than you can create them. Be in demand. Get in on the industry insiders' secrets big brands spend millions on every year and learn the steps you need to take to build a business that taps into your market's unlimited potential.

Your ideal customers are waiting. Let's launch your business into the stratosphere!
You have NO business without a message
Your message must come from the heart in order to attract and sell. It needs to be on-point and it has to speak your ideal customer's language. 

There’s a lot that can go wrong here, resulting in missed opportunities, missed clients, and missed sales.
  •  A garbled message confuses browsers so they reject your offer
  •  A generic or cloned message repels those that need your business and they may never return
  •  Miss the mark, and your tribe simply moves on 
  •  An inauthentic message saps the life out of you
  •  The business – which was meant to enrich your life – drains you
Are you investing time, money and energy into your business with little to show for? Don't leave your success up to chance by building your business on a weak foundation. 

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. I get it! But it doesn’t have to be a lonely and slow process. Save yourself months of time and costly trial and error. Let's work together and narrow down what you should be focusing on this moment to grow your business.
    Create a business and life you love 111%
    Dialling in your message is like waving a magic wand and creating a business (and life) that lights you up. Activate your inner A-list entrepreneur and be inspired to become more and more accomplished. 

    Here's what you can do today:

    I've created the Enchanted Message Mastery Programme to give you a structure to finally create massive shifts in the areas currently sapping your energy. Let me walk you through the process, show you what your gaps are and offer help how to fix it.

    In 90 days you'll have the confidence and clarity of owning a compelling message that speaks from your heart and motivates you to keep going when times get tough. This message will help you charge a premium for your offerings. It’ll carve out YOUR niche in the market, the one you were born to serve and the one where you shine brightest.

    Book yourself into the five star Enchanted Message Mastery Programme allowing yourself hands-on guidance and some real accountability. Access the structure, support, network and know-how to create a business presence that will attract your ideal customers into your tribe – and have them reaching for their wallets!
    No time like now
    Grab the intro offer until April 13th, which is the date the price will rise to £1497. Start working on this today so by the time others start their summer break, you've transformed into the rockstar entrepreneur you really are, doing life and business your way, letting your personality shine through everything you take on.

    This programme will take you through the exact steps you need to take each day to make a success out of your business, from setting you up with a winning mindset, to dialling in your message, to the best and latest strategies reaching out and connecting you to your ideal audience.

    Get yourself proven guidance and advice served up in bite-size action steps that will get you where you want to go. This is topped off with 5 star support and some healthy accountability to create lasting shifts. I have created the Enchanted Message Mastery Programme to privately coach you to express an authentic online presence that attracts an engaged tribe of customer-fans.

    Be inspired, bring home the bacon (and much more!) live and breathe purpose, clarity and confidence. 
    Should you enrol in this programme?
    I’ve got a first class degree in communication design and have been working in messaging, brand building and marketing for 18 years, climbing the ladder in corporate London all the way up to Creative Lead. I know the industry inside out and have created many successful brand messages, for clients such as Electronic Arts, MTV and Getty Images.

    Desiring more out of life than the 9-5.30, I became a tutor at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design whilst building a business that allowed me the freedom to live my life on my terms. 

    As an entrepreneur myself, I totally get the pressure you're under. I've made expensive mistakes trying to figure it all out by myself. 

    The real shift occurred, when I invested in a mentor myself, that's when things really started to take off. I see this repeated with all the successful entrepreneurs around me, including my private clients!
    Many of my clients had been through other programmes with little to show for. They weren’t getting the appropriate support in other programmes and a lot of the marketing, branding, manifesting, mindset, money, sales and business coaches out there are not qualified in the subjects they teach. 

    Business building is rewarding, but it is not an easy journey, and you'll need practical and expert guidance that aligns with your values. Put this in place and nothing will stop you.

    My clients start businesses, grow their businesses, gain traction, increase their income and visibility, make a bigger splash in the online world, book in more clients, and grow their confidence. You can read some of their testimonials below.

    They took that one step out of their comfort zone and are supported all the way to grow into bigger versions of themselves and their businesses.

    What's in the Box?
    90 Day Enchanted Message Mastery 
    Private 1-2-1 Coaching & Training
    A members area that tracks your progress and which you can access from anywhere with pre-recorded live training videos, workbooks, templates and scripts that will help you take your business to the next level

    VALUE £997
    8 x 1 hour private coaching calls with me picking you up from where you are and guiding you through the process - according to your needs

    VALUE £1997

    Exclusive facebook community with daily prompts, challenges and accountability to go after your dreams consistently and an accountability log book to keep you on track


    Reassuring Quality
    There's zero risk for you. I'm convinced that the Enchanted Message Mastery Programme will propel you and your business forward. That's why I'm offering a 14 day 100% money back guarantee. 

    You can take part in the training and coaching for up to 14 days. If you’ve worked on all the tasks and feel you still don’t get value, then I’ll refund the money you’ve paid.
    Your investment: get this package for £2997 £1497
    Click the button below to access the training centre with the course materials straight away and get immediate access to my diary so you can book yourself in to your first coaching session:
    limited spaces left at this price!
    Client Success Stories
    Carole Hallett Mobbs
    Expat Expert
    "I was having trouble reviving my brand and message ready for a new venture. I couldn’t see how to launch a new, but related, brand in my niche and simply couldn’t see a way forward. Basically, I couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

    I joined the Love Brand Blueprint and Gwen instantly helped me see everything so much more clearly, in a very straightforward and uplifting way. Her skills at distilling something I considered very difficult are outstanding and inspirational. 

    It really helps getting an outside view when you’re stuck, and I couldn’t have chosen better than asking Gwen for warm, friendly and expert help. I’ve tried other courses and groups and none gave me a single useful piece of information. With Gwen’s course I received incredibly useful and easily actionable material in every session.

    I feel reenergised and able to channel everything I’ve learned during Gwen’s course in a practical way. Highly recommended!"

    Sonal Sodha
    Owner of fashion brand Fynery
    "When I first came across Love Brand Blueprint I was very sceptical and not particularly keen because I had done a branding course before and found it a waste of time. I was worried that it would be a repeat of that. I was open with Gwen about my concerns, as the course I had done was quite well known.

    Gwen reassured me that her course was very different, very hands-on, very much a dialogue involving hard work on my part, so I decided to take a leap.

    I am glad I did because the course really was amazing. Gwen is extremely intelligent, aware of the market and puts the work into understanding what it is that you're interested in. 

    In my particular case I had a product in mind but needed help on how to market the product. I was confused about who to target and how and had too many concepts flying around my head. 

    The test is whether you could explain your business in one sentence to someone at a party. At the beginning of the course I could not - I was really struggling. Now, it is crystal clear. This is what she does. 

    Over the six weeks, Gwen really made me apply a laser-sharp focus to my product and I can say that for the first time, I have a really clear path forwards. I now understand what it is I have to do. 

    Because it is now a clear path, my work has direction and my efforts feel targeted, instead of a scattergun approach. I can communicate to designers and other people because my brand feels alive. 

    Gwen makes you work hard, and dig deep and it is really worth it."

    Adanna Bankole
    Business Strategist and Founder
    "Gwendi's brand blueprint helped me hone in on key details about my business brand, which has really clarified how I address my target audience. This has helped me use the right messaging on my website, in my marketing material and wherever I show up online.

    The process of creating a brand brief was new to me, but Gwen made it easy and fun! The consultation process needed me to take some time to think hard and decide how I want to portray myself in my business, but with Gwen’s guidance and expertise I was able to quickly get to a point where I could clearly articulate what was right for me and my ideal client.

    Gwen patiently took me through what needed to be done. Not being from a design background, I appreciated the way she explained what the end goal was, and walked me through the process."
    Clare Burgess
    Party Stylist & Owner
    "In the whole mad business of setting up Frou Frou Days it's safe to say that the work I’ve done with Gwen has been the most productive and helpful of all.

    I loved the whole branding process with Gwen. She is professional as well as friendly, creative as well as organised.

    Branding is SO important and Gwen offered a clear path through the whole process. It became about so much more than creating a logo; through the brand blueprint process we were able to gather and identify all the key elements that make my business what it is. 

    Gwen helped me achieve clarity about what I’m offering, why and to whom. The final logo in all its lovely iterations is the shining cherry on the top of the cake, but it was the process that I found so fascinating. Her questions allowed me to articulate the ethos and purpose of the business and the brand blueprint also helped me enormously with my website build. 

    I’m amazed by how far reaching the work with Gwen has been and she has helped me establish a clear identity for Frou Frou Days. Gwen has great insight, gives much more than you think you’re going to get and is a pleasure to work with.
    ...and more praise from my students at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
    Athina Chrissaki
    Fashion Photographer, Los Angeles
    "The atmosphere in class was always joyful, warm and inspiring. Gwendi explained everything clearly in detail, provided us with very well structured notes for every class and gave us the chance to choose to cover the topics that interested us most. 

    I felt very supported, especially when I showed her my fashion photography work and discussed it with her. 

    I left the course having the knowledge I wanted to gain from it and with very good notes which I can revisit whenever I need some guidance. 

    I would definitely take another course with Gwendi and keep in touch with her for any future project she does."
    Helena Kruger
    Fashion Illustrator, Stockholm
    "I'm very happy with Gwen's course in so many ways. 

    She possesses that great skill of creating a warm atmosphere in a group while also being an efficient teacher. She was very attentive about the group member's current skills and made sure she adapted the course's content and pace accordingly. 

    Gwen was also curious about everyone's goals and helped each one of us with our specific projects.

    You were encouraged to decide on a personal project in the beginning of the course. Having a project made it easier to repeat what you learned in class and pushed yourself to be conscious about what you needed to learn next.

    I was left with a very positive feeling. Gwen is a kind-hearted and professional person and I've recommended the course to many friends."

    Monica Grajez
    Marketing and Communications Coordinator, London
    "I did a short course with Gwen at Central Saint Martins and I would be more than happy to book another one in the future! 

    Gwen is a very attentive and skillful teacher, who puts that extra effort to make sure you gain new knowledge from her class. Even though there were a number of people in our course, she managed to give her attention to everyone of us, along with creating a positive atmosphere and inspiring us, as well as sharing ideas in order to accomplish our final projects. 

    The course itself was very practical and challenging, whereas the teacher was very supportive and committed."
    Susan Alexander
    Orthopaedic Surgeon and creator of anatomy video lectures available from the Royal College of Surgeons, London
    "I attended a 10 week course at Central Saint Martins which was taught by Gwen in 2016. 

    The course was well-structured and clear learning objectives were provided for each lesson.There were 8-10 students in the class but Gwen was able to deliver a very personal approach to her teaching. 

    She did not mind questions being asked during lessons and she showed enormous patience when trying to solve our problems. Her enthusiasm for the subject was evident from day 1 and she seemed to take genuine pleasure in watching our skills progress. 

    Gwen was also interested in the relevance of the course to our individual work needs and would take time to help us develop our projects and make useful suggestions to improve our creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have used these skills in my professional work. 

    I am an orthopaedic surgeon, but I also run a video based online anatomy learning platform and create the graphics for this project. I am very grateful to Gwen and would highly recommend her as a teacher." 
    Verane Frediani
    Film Maker, Paris
    "I attended Central Saint Martins class with Gwen and I'm really happy I did.
    Gwen has lots of patience and took the time to answer ALL our questions from basic ones to more sophisticated ones. The lectures were really complete and clear. I learned a lot in a short time. At that time, I was working on the poster of a documentary I just had directed for my film which will be released theatrically in France."
    Are you ready to create abundance in your life and business? 
    There's no time like the present moment to start building the life and business you want, there's no need to hesitate any longer and go on month- or year-long business detours. Refuse to waste any more of your precious time and tomorrow you will be a few steps ahead already.

    I'm right here for you to take you by the hand and walk you through the steps you need to take to build a profitable business.
    limited spaces left at this price!
    How can I contact you with my questions?
    Please email any questions to hello@gwendiklisa.com

    How will I be held accountable?
    You will have access to my pre-recorded branding, marketing and sales study modules, and it’s the 8 private 1-2-1 coaching sessions that will hold you accountable and propel you forward.

    When will the private coaching calls be held?
    You can book in the calls (via Zoom Video link) according to your weekly schedule during the duration of our 90 day coaching programme. I recommend booking in a regular bi-weekly call, but you can use your 8 hours of private coaching in blocks if that suits you better.

    When will the programme start?
    We start typically 0-4 weeks after you make the payment. You can access the training modules instantly in our member centre.

    Will I have enough time to do this?
    Experience tells me that it’s never the right time, and that there’s never enough of it! But once you make the decision to create a lasting change in your life and business you will be motivated to find the time to make this happen. I see this again and again with my private clients – and in my own life. If you want to create results, you need to take action now. I’ll also show you how to best organise your time so that you can maximise the time you have available from now on.

    Can you guarantee results? 
    Your life won’t change magically by simply enrolling in a programme. You need to take the required action steps to make real results happen. What I can guarantee is that I will give you all the resources and support I have for you to create a successful online business. Then it’s up to you to follow the implementation. This is a business programme and it works similarly like any fitness or study program. The more you put in, the more you get out, but only up to a point as we don’t do overwhelm and exhaustion.

    Are the training videos part of a pilot or beta course?
    I've run this programme many times and my clients have transformed their businesses. Read their testimonials above. The training videos are recordings of my Love Brand Blueprint live teaching modules.

    Will I make my investment back?
    Yes, if you follow the programme, which is focused on getting you results. I'm going to be there making sure you do the work. 

    Do you offer a payment plan?
    A payment plan of 3 x £547 is available, please email hello@gwendiklisa.com
    P.S. ...this is an introductory offer...
    There are limited spaces left, so better be quick to secure your seat on this proven programme at this price.

    Book yourself onto the five star 90 day Enchanted Message Mastery Programme so that you can create a profitable and consistent income in your business.

    Click the button below to access the training centre with the course materials straight away and get immediate access to my diary so you can book in for your first coaching session:
    limited spaces left at this price!
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